There Are Only Waves: Episode 8

Hi again. Long time no see. So, this is the second episode I’m publishing today. In this episode, I interview Morgan Lee, a staff worker at Christianity Today, and a friend of mine for the past six years. I talk to her about her evangelical faith journey, and how that converges with her general journey with the Christian faith. Please tune in!

There Are Only Waves: Episode 7

Hello everyone. It’s been a long hiatus since I last released an episode. I’ve been very busy in my personal life, but I am grateful to release a couple new episodes for you now. I recorded this and my next interview a few months ago, and I am very excited to share both now. In my first interview, Damian Maxwell, a friend of mine, discusses his spirituality with me, with a focus on Tarot and Astrology. Looking forward to you tuning in!

There Are Only Waves: Episode 4

I know many have you been waiting for this episode to come for a very long time, and I’m very grateful to be publishing it today. Thank you, for all of you, who consistently tune in, and provide me feedback. I greatly appreciate it. As always feel free to comment on this page, or give me a rating on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, or Blubrry. If you’re a new listener, welcome, and thanks for tuning in!

Today’s episode is an interview of Crystal Kang Ahn I did back in early September. Crystal is a good friend of mine, and I was grateful that she was so open about sharing her life story and contributing to this podcast. I hope you find this to be an enriching listen. Enjoy!