There Are Only Waves: Episode One, Introduction, Part I

I am afraid to put my voice out into the world. That is why I’m doing this-because it goes against my very instinct to hide. My first episode I originally recorded almost four months ago. While I have been busy, I have put off trying to figure out how to use Blubrry and my PowerPress plugin because I discovered underneath it all, that I am afraid of what people will think of my podcast. I am afraid of my website not being good enough, my recording not being good enough, and that people will listen to this first podcast and not be into it. This is why I am doing this. I have not hired anyone to edit this, and to be honest I have not edited this myself. I recorded this all in one take. I did so on my iPhone. I will record the next one on a better mic.

I have gone back and forth wondering if I needed to record this first podcast on a better mic. I decided ultimately that I love this recording, and I hope other people will love it too. While these first podcast episodes will help to explain the story of why I am creating this podcast, and how it came to be, I will simply say that the most important thing that drives not only this podcast, but also myself, is to be authentic as possible. I hope to be able to do this through this podcast, and more importantly my life, but I hope what you can expect from me is to be my most authentic vulnerable self. No, you will not hear all my secrets, as this is not true vulnerability, but you will hear me attempting to take my stories, tell them honestly, and draw what I have learned from them. I hope this in some way makes your life better by listening to it, and if not, that’s too bad.

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